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Is it nearing the end of the work or it’s time to renew the paint job, Fox Services is a reference in high-end residential painting.


Attract more customers by valuing your space. Practical, economical and fast way to renew and revitalize your business environment.


Fox Services is a specialist, always looking for the highest quality in the final finish.

Interior <span style="color:#D3E16B">Painting</span>

Interior Painting

Always with greater care with objects, furniture and floor protection, so that there are no traces of dirt from the paint.
Exterior <span style="color:#D3E16B">Painting</span>

Exterior Painting

We work with residential painting in general, with all the necessary equipment for the safety of professionals and quality of service.
Cabinet <span style="color:#D3E16B">Refinishing</span> and <span style="color:#D3E16B">Repairing</span>

Cabinet Refinishing and Repairing

We revitalized the painting of cabinets, whether in the kitchen, bathroom or bedrooms. Cabinets like new and a renewed environment.
Drywall <span style="color:#D3E16B">Repair</span>

Drywall Repair

Drywall damage is a common occurrence. Despite being a tough material, some imperfections can arise and we can repair it.
EPA Lead <span style="color:#D3E16B">Certified</span>

EPA Lead Certified

With Fox Services, you know that your lead-based paint project will be conducted safely and in compliance with EPA regulations.
Wallpaper <span style="color:#D3E16B">Removal</span>

Wallpaper Removal

Our technicians use the highest quality tools for wallpaper removal. We will deliver an impeccable result, with guaranteed experience and speed.
Power <span style="color:#D3E16B">Washing</span>

Power Washing

Cleaning outdoor areas is of great importance. A well-kept environment generates positive perceptions for everyone there.
Stucco <span style="color:#D3E16B">Repairs and Paiting</span>

Stucco Repairs and Paiting

Leave your exterior stucco painting and repair needs with us so you have a completed project that will stand the test of time.
Vinyl and <span style="color:#D3E16B">Aluminum Siding Paiting</span>

Vinyl and Aluminum Siding Paiting

Exceptional professional paint on aluminum and vinyl to renovate your home’s exterior or simply try a new color.

Work process

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We will then send you our service proposal for you to evaluate all our benefits and approve the start of execution.



At this stage, we plan and set goals so that the contracted service is delivered on time and with an excellent quality finish.


Job Done

We deliver the service ready and your dream turned into reality. We will always be around if you need any post-work assistance.



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Fox Services has been operating for 12 years in the residential and commercial painting market. This vast experience conditions us to offer the best service, within the established deadlines and with excellent quality.
When hiring Fox Services, you can be sure that you are hiring one of the best companies in the field.


All Fox Services projects are delivered strictly on time. A differential that is a basic condition for a relationship of reliability.


Our team maintains all the zeal and care during the process to deliver you a clean and organized result.


Our differential is in the high quality of our services, having an extremely favorable cost-benefit ratio.


Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that we are fully insured.

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